Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring 2010 Consumer Behavior Class with Dr. Maher

Students did consumer research for Panera Bread. They collected over 800 surveys in store locations and made recommendations to grow the market.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stephanie Lubawski analyzes the blog and website

Dr. Manna, Stephanie Lubawski

From l to r: Dr. Manna, Stephanie Lubawski, Norm Schnurr
Stephanie worked with Professor Schnurr to evaluate both the Marketing blog and the Marketing page on the RMU website. She discussed likes and dislikes and made suggestions for improving both. Look for those changes to be implemented soon.
Do you have any suggestions? You can post them here as a comment or email us at

Monday, May 10, 2010

RMU Marketing Department

Front (from l to r) Kurt Schimmel, Norman Schnurr, Dean Manna
Back (from l to r) Richard Mills, Yanbin Tu, Gayle Marco, Cathi Jones, Jill Maher, Dennis Rudd, Yun Chu, Steven Clinton, Sam Karadag

AMA Award Winners

Marshall Davis, Edward Kaikai, Shannon Glantz, Candice Dougherty, Kally Zekahy, Marisa Taylor, Cassie Schneider. Joe Kramer in front.

SBUS Picnic Pictures Uploaded

Check out the pictures of the SBUS picnic on Facebook. See the link to Facebook on the right.

Panelists Critique Student Presentations

From l. to r.: David Campbell, Dr. Michael Malloy, Dr. David Dietrich

From l. to r.: David Campbell, Dr. Peter Freymark, Ted Popovich

Bios of Speakers:


David Campbell spent 20 years as the Export Sales department for Horsehead Corporation/Zinc Corporation of America (the current name of the company and the name prior to a bankruptcy led buyout in 2004). He was the entire department. Horsehead is the world’s largest recycler of zinc and the largest U.S. zinc smelter. His responsibilities included: sales, customer service, technical service, credit, transportation, packaging and keeping his bosses from going to jail for violating U.S. or international laws. He has spent 50 of his 60 years in sales including international sales. His education is a B.A. in English from Clarion University and an MBA in Management from RMU.

Dr. Malloy grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but lived extensively throughout Latin America. As a young man he traveled and worked in Europe. He graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa,from the University of Pittsburgh in 1988 and went to Indiana University for graduate school,receiving two Masters Degrees and a Doctorate Degree in International Affairs.
Dr. Malloy began his career as a professor of international affairs and taught at several universities. He became the Associate Director of the Center for West European Studies and the European Union Center at the University of Pittsburgh where he managed the Centers’ day-to-day activities while developing all programs including business outreach. In 1999 Dr. Malloy left academia and became a partner in a telecommunications services company, Warner Telecomm. As the President he developed its capabilities as a full service telecommunications company via innovative partnering strategies. Warner Telecomm grew from a regional company, to one active nationally as well as internationally. During this period Dr. Malloy served as the Chair of the Western Pennsylvania District Export Council (WPADEC). Appointed directly by the Secretary of Commerce, the DEC mission is to help regional businesses export their products. Dr. Malloy has served as the Vice-Chair of the DEC
National Steering Committee. Through these activities Dr. Malloy came to realize his passion for helping US businesses to become internationally active and to become globally competitive. Determined to focus all of his time and efforts to help businesses compete in the Global, Internet Economy, Dr. Malloy sold Warner Telecomm and created Quantum Leap Resources and IntellaCore during 2004. Quantum Leap Resources is a company dedicated to providing ‘best-in-class” Internet and
communications services and IT support to business around the world. IntellaCore is the world’s foremost leader in assisting companies to become globally competitive.
IntellaCore provides complete support to companies to assure their growth and profitability in today’s global, internet, economy.
In partnership with business organizations around the world IntellaCore engages and works with businesses in regional initiatives. IntellaCore assists companies to become globally competitive and to grow regionally, nationally, and if appropriate internationally, by finding them the market information they need, by connecting them to the right people, and by providing them with the right resources and Internet services in order to grow, to compete, and to innovate in today’s Global,
Internet, Economy.
Dr. Malloy is trained and accredited by the Institute for Independent Business, an international accreditation body of over 4,000 senior business executives world-wide, and is a certified by FastTrac entrepreneur training of the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City. Dr. Malloy sits on the Board of The Greater Pittsburgh Sister Cities, and is active in various business organizations. “Well run SMEs, internationally active, creating good jobs, with qualified people to excel in these
jobs”. This vision is the goal that all of Dr. Malloy’s initiatives will strive to achieve.


Health & Wellness, Academics, Intercultural Communications, Global Business

Mr. Popovich is a YMCA Health & Wellness Coach who educates members on the proper cardiovascular and strength training methods for improving physical fitness. He holds certifications in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and First Aid. In addition, he is a working board member of the Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) a non-profit citizens’ group in SW Pennsylvania working for a healthy, sustainable environment. He is certified as a Visual Emissions Evaluator.

In 1968 Mr. Popovich began his business career with Westinghouse Electric International Company, New York, NY as a sales engineer; a highlight during that time was the securing of the total electrical equipment package for Companhia Vale do Rio Doce’s green field iron ore crushing plant in Brazil. Next as a district sales manager with Rockwell International, New Haven, CT he re-invigorated the northeast region, which had been absent a sales presence and sufficient product supply. Mr. Popovich joined the Lord Corporation, Erie, PA for five years which was highlighted by the largest commercial order in the company’s history for elastomeric track fasteners for the Washington Metro system. At the Hilliard Corporation, Elmira, NY: he became a general manager during which time a significant filtration equipment order was secured for General Electric gas turbines for the Trans-Siberian Gas Pipeline project

In 1986 Mr. Popovich joined Corning Incorporated, Corning, NY as a North American sales manager in the Technical Products Division. He rationalized core business products and boosted profitability for a variety of OEM applications and grew embryonic businesses (i.e. flat glass, optical disc,) for launching into stand-alone businesses

From 1990-1996 Mr. Popovich was the Asia Pacific business development manager for Corning Optical Fiber. He developed optical fiber business on a grass roots level in the key markets of Japan, Taiwan, China, SE Asia and India. resulting in significant market share positions and high profitably. During that time, he directed an international organization redesign for Asia in concert with a leading consulting firm.

In 1997 Mr. Popovich was named business process development manager for Corning Optical Fiber and developed and deployed long term supply agreements and protocols specifically tailored for Asia and the international market.

From 1998-2000 he was appointed the optical fiber Commercial Operations Director for Corning China. As an expatriate in Hong Kong, Mr. Popovich successfully led the Greater China team during a critical growth period and management transition period. Subsequently, he returned to Corning, NY where he finished out his career as Asia operations manager in 2003, compliments of the dot-com bubble bursting.

After early retiring from Corning Incorporated, Mr. Popovich transitioned into instructing and training on intercultural communications issues as: a guest lecturer and “Visiting Executive” at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh; “Area Expert” on China for Cendant Intercultural programs; Leadership Skills Program workshop on China at Cornell’s Johnson School; Heinz Corporation; Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz School.

From 2005-2007 he was an instructor for .Rochester Institute of Technology’s Center for Multidisciplinary Studies and its partner schools the American University in Kosovo (Pristina) and American College of Management. & Technology (Dubrovnik)

Mr. Popovich was an appointee to the United States Department of Commerce District Export Council, a former member of the United States China Business Council and a past member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.
He is a past president and founding board member of the Finger Lakes Chapter of the American Marketing Association,

He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Case-Western Reserve University.and an MSHD from Rochester Institute of Technology. Mr. Popovich attended executive education programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, the Garvin School of International Management, and the Intercultural Communication Institute.


Your professional business advisor, consultant, project executive for unique and interim engagements requiring inter-disciplinary/functional, multi-markets, multi-cultural and international experiences and successes.



• Engineered capital projects
- new and upgrade
• Biomedical projects
- diagnostic services
• Healthcare projects
- hospital start-ups
- support services
• Material projects
- service centers
- new product development
• Teaching & seminar projects

• Owners/customers
- private, public, joint ventures
• Types
- industrial, service, education
• Sizes
- medium, large, emerging
• Structures
- functional, bus. unit, matrix, hybrid


• Vice Chair/ Member Board of Directors
• Vice President and CFO/CAO/CIO
• Division Officer
• Interim Executive
• Program/Project Dir./Mgr.
• Advisor
• Consultant
• Instructor/Mentor


• Start-up
• Entrepreneurial
• Turn-around, Transition
• M&A, Business Combination
• Strategic Alliance
• Established Operation


• Europe
• Central America
• Middle East
• Australia
• Far East


• Strategy/Business Planning
• Operational Integration
• Finance & Administration
• Information Services
• Contr. Negot. & Tech. Trsf.
• Teaching & Mentoring

1990- Current Peter J. Freymark & Associates President

1988-1990 American Bridge Company Vice President, CFO/CAO/CIO

1987 Witikar Saudi Arabia Ltd. Interim Director, Consultant

1983-1986 HCA Mideast Ltd. Director – Fin/Adm, Spec. Proj., Consulting

1963-1983 Pittsburgh Des Moines Corp. Vice President, CFO, CIO, Project Manager


· Inter-disciplinary background (operations, IT, financial, strategic) to analyze complex problems, in concept and detail, assess resources/technologies, then implement situation-tailored, innovative, pragmatic solutions

· Commitment to excellence and sensitivity to respond flexibly to the ever changing requirements of market-driven organizations in different sectors and niches in the USA and internationally

· Reputation as a professional, take-charge executive pursuing goals with tenacity, and as a people oriented team player, track record of developing lasting relationships, inside and outside the company



· Developed the strategy and lead the engineering-medical project team from three continents to completely rebuild and flawlessly commission two hyperbaric medical facilities on military bases in the Middle East. Acceptance by U.S. authorities to ASME-PVHO standards. Scope of work included extensive customer training and unusual documentation requirements.

· Conceptualized the proposal approach and structure for an advanced aerospace medical institute with the mission to evaluate, select and monitor personnel and equipment. Guided the international project team of medical, physiological and engineering professionals to develop the specifications for a global multi-year project and was selected to make the presentation to the Far East customer.

· Recognized the need and requirement/cost benefits for the synergistic arrangements between the health care deliverors, scientific community, and other relevant commercial organizations. Developed the alternative business strategy for a state of the art specialty reference laboratory for genetic screening.


· Conceptualized and implemented a customized short and intermediate term comprehensive strategy for a major medical services project in the Middle East with the primary missions of obtaining JCAH accreditation and concurrently doubling to 500 in-patient bed capacity. Lead the inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural team in the ad-hoc combination of quality assessment, accreditation preparation and business development.

· Introduced tracking systems from A & E (architecture and design) through operations to ultimate delivery and acceptance in an 860 university hospital in the Middle East. Span of operations covered 3 continents.

· Re-engineered the financial/administrative procedures to meet the revised operating and other environmental requirements. Interfaced with Middle Eastern Government client’s Supervisory Board.


· Conceptualized the multi-stage information technology plan, lead the development, and implemented the modules to capture the operating and financial data for unique or customized projects, up to several hundreds at any one time concurrently in operation, with functions ranging from design, drawings, procurement, fabrication, subcontracting, assembling-erecting for purposes of project, operating and financial management. Previously served as project manager guiding the concurrent operations of facilities/structures in over 70 sites from 6 plants with 1900 employees.

· Designed and implemented a plant floor control system for a start-up facility for a special purpose project, identifying probable future schedule/cost overruns, and therewith avoiding operational and financial disaster.

· Lead business teams, or served as consultant, in the start-up, merger, turn-around, change or restructuring of organizations in the United States, Middle East, Central America, Europe and Far East. Provided professional management and support to on-site local and multi-national teams, including registration and financing arrangements.


· Provided organizational guidance and financial direction in the complete restructuring and significant expansion to a multi-state steel service center business institution, responding to the wide array of special customers requirements.

International Marketing Presentations - 4/2010

Groups from Dr. Jones' International Marketing classes presented their marketing plans to a panel of international business people.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Interdisciplinary Project Prototypes

Check out the RMU blog for a story about the class:

Prototype of Ice Away ice scraper

Prototype of Comfort Crutch

Marketing Research students and Engineering students collaborated on an interdisciplinary project. Together they developed ideas for new products. The Marketing Research students researched the ideas and the Engineering students developed a working prototype of the ideas.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you from Tom Herward


Thanks for including Bethlehem Haven and Ambiance Boutique in your advertising class projects this semester. I enjoyed all of the 10 presentations. It was obvious that your students approached the project seriously. I was impressed with how effectively they articulated their ideas and how enthusiastically they defended their positions. They offered some innovative insights from which both organizations can benefit.

Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to your students.
Hopefully, some of your future classes can also help us with some additional refreshing ideas.


Tom Herward
President, Board of Directors
Bethlehem Haven