Monday, April 27, 2015

Advertising Internships Available

Ronin Advertising is seeking Account Services and Creative Strategy Interns.

Resumes and cover letters can be sent to Please let her know if you have questions.

See the job descriptions below:

account services intern

At Ronin, interns are treated like employees– not coffee-fetchers or errand-runners.  As an account coordinator intern at Ronin, you will be given many responsibilities and opportunities to broaden your skill-set and expand your talents.


   Strong writing and communication skills.

   Experience with job brief writing is a plus, but not required.

   Self-motivation and responsibility are a must.

   Be able to think a creative problem through and guide the creative team to a solution.

   Must be highly organized and a great multi-tasker.

   Given the opportunity, intern should be able to take ownership of projects and see them through to the end.


   Intern must be able to take direction, work independently, and meet deadlines.

   Intern should be able to maintain project schedules and manage time effectively.

   Communicate and build relationships with Ronin staff, clients and vendors.

   Intern will write job briefs and job correction forms for projects daily.

   Become accustomed to Webvantage platform where all jobs, project schedules and estimates are kept.
   Open and close jobs
   Create estimates
   Manage timesheet

   Intern will work in the account service department reporting to the management supervisor

Please include resume and cover letter.
Send to

Positions are available in Pittsburgh, PA.

To find out more about Ronin’s culture and work please visit


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Advertising Internship


Zelienople, PA


Creative Strategist

Information from your website
 (may include why a student should select your organization to intern)

Ronin is a full-service advertising agency with clients in a variety of industries, all across North America. As an Intern at Ronin, you will be given many responsibilities and opportunities to broaden your skill-set and expand your talents in the strategic marketing & advertising arena. As an Advertising Intern, you will work under Ronin’s Creative Strategist.

List 3-5 Tasks the Intern is expected to accomplish and How the attainment of these tasks would be measured

Interns will experience the advertising & marketing process first hand and learn about 1) client acquisition 2) brand strategy development, 3) integrated communications planning, and 4) a variety of forms of creative execution.

Expectations and
Activities for the Intern

We believe in learning by doing – throughout the course of the internship, intern will work on mini-projects for clients of their choosing in order to understand specific skills (ie. target demographics vs. psychographics, competitive analysis, integrated communications planning, strategic positioning, etc.) Interns will also work on select research and/or strategy development projects for current agency clients.
The Big Client Project – Each semester Interns will select a hypothetical client of their choosing and create a 360 degree marketing plan & presentation for them, incorporating everything they have learned, from initial research through final creative execution.

Minimum Requirements: GPA, major, class rank, required classes, software and computer competency level, skills, driver’s license, reliable transportation, ability to pass a drug test, etc.

Strong writing and communication skills
Knowledge and interest in qualitative research
Self-motivation and responsibility
Creative problem-solving skills (or the desire to gain them)
Ability to think strategically about people and what drives their emotions & actions.
Interest in what makes someone brand loyal and consumers’ buying habits
Have a point of view! And the ability to communicate it effectively (or, at least, the desire to learn how to communicate it more effectively)
Intern should be willing and able to take ownership of a project and see it through to the end

Number of hours per week, hourly pay rate, stipend amount, pay periods, etc.

Internship is available for school-credit only. Students with Sophomore standing and above are eligible.


City/ State/ Zip:
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Website Address:

304 S Main Street
Zelienople, PA 16063

Position Title:
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Bianca Zeiler
Creative Strategist

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