Monday, January 18, 2010

RMU Professor Meets Ninja Warrior Champion

Cathleen Jones, Assistant Professor of Marketing, met Makoto Nagano, Grand Champion of Ninja Warrior, in September 2008.

Ninja Warrior (called Sasuke in Japan) is a Japanese obstacle course competition consisting of four extremely difficult stages. Examples of obstacles are:

Jumping Spider - the contestant jumps on a trampoline and has to stick to two walls using only hands and feet; he must then move forward about 20 yards using hands and feet to complete the obstacle
Warped Wall - the contestant must get over a 17 foot wall which bends back on itself
Salmon Ladder - the contestant holds onto a pole and has to jump up rungs of a ladder using only his arms
Shin Cliff Hanger - the contestant moves along a narrow ledge using only fingertips; there are three levels; the contestant must jump to the third level and catch the ledge with his fingertips

The course is so difficult that in more than 20 tournaments only two men have completed all four stages. Makoto Nagano completed the course in 2006 and continues to compete hoping to achieve kanzen seiha (total victory) again.

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