Friday, October 25, 2013

Duck Withdrawals

While the duck was still in Pittsburgh, we have come to the realization that this is one of the most unconventional marketing approaches we have seen in a long time. The duck has reportedly brought in well over 1 million people to the city of Pittsburgh. With that, business revenues have gone up tremendously. Hotels and restaurants have offered special “quackages,” and even duck themed food items. Businesses have also sold countless duck themed memorabilia.

Even though the duck has now left the waters of Pittsburgh, people are still talking about it. There was even a petition going around that was trying to get the duck to stay for a longer amount of time. Until the duck makes its appearance in another city, people have to turn to social media for pictures and videos of it. To get this search for content started, we have a picture below of when Dr. Jones visited the duck as well as a video, and two vines we found!

Facebook Video
Vine 1
Vine 2

Post Written by Kristen Koscinski

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